Paul & Jennifer PercyLooking Glass Photography began in 2012 when Jennifer Tramel decided to expand her passion for photography into a small business. Soon after that, Jennifer began dating her college roommate’s brother, Paul Percy. He served in the Air Force the entire time they dated, until March 8, 2014, when he moved to Nashville.. On June 6, 2014, Jennifer married Paul and months later, Paul acted on his entrepreneurial passions and began Looking Glass Photobooths to serve his new home.

Together, Jennifer and Paul Percy provide services that they whole-heartedly believe in.

“Life goes by way too fast, and most of the time, the only way to preserve memories is through photographs. When you book with Looking Glass, Photography, you’re investing in memories, not only for yourself, but for future generations,” says Jennifer.

“I remember at our wedding, it was wonderful to know that our guests had a fun and memorable activity to do during the reception. Our guests were too busy having fun that they didn’t keep cameras handy. We’ve had so many people say how thankful they are that we had a photobooth so they could have a keepsake of our event. I believe that holds true not only for weddings, but for all events, whether it be corporate parties, graduations, church events and others. I’d love to be there to provide your event with professional and fun service,” says Paul.