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Where should I print my photos?

All of my clients receive their photos digitally and are the owners of their photos. You may reproduce your photos in any way shape or form that you’d like! However, I’ve got suggestions.

I suggest that you never ever ever ever EVER take your photos to Walgreens, Wamart, Target, CVS, Sam’s, etc. Each store does crazy things to color, contrast, and sharpness. Take a look at this blog post if you don’t believe me. Instead of using these awful locations, I recommend using two websites.

  •—This site is extremely user friendly. Their photo processing does a fantastic job at matching what you see on your computer screen or phone to what you see on print. Not the best, but a great job!
  •—If you feel more computer savvy and want the very best photo quality, Nations Photo Lab is for you. Their site is a bit more difficult to maneuver, but if you can handle it, you won’t regret it! This is what I use for my own personal photos. Try the metallic finish, you won’t regret it!