Celia & Jared | Wedding

Jared and I knew we would be married one day within a month of our first date. Our first conversation, in September of 2017, lasted 12 hours, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We met for breakfast for our first date, which lasted well through the lunch rush. We said we loved each other within a week. Looking back, it all feels so surreal—but nothing has ever felt so naturally right to me as being with Jared.

Throughout our engagement and on our wedding day, what stood out the most was love. Of course, there was the love that Jared and I share; but it was amazing and humbling to see the support from our friends and families. Although we met in Nashville, neither of us are Tennessee natives. For our families and longtime friends, that meant our wedding was, in essence, a destination wedding. It was incredible to see RSVPs pour in from every corner of the country—from Oklahoma to West Virginia, from New Orleans to Michigan, from Utah to Florida, and more. Our wedding party alone represented five different states. Jared and I are so thankful that so many people could make the trip to be with us as we promised our love and lives to one another.

Our local friends also humbled us with their love and support. There are so many moving pieces to planning a wedding Our wedding came together because our friends lent their time and talents to give us a day we will never forget. Who knew that we had such high quality DJ’s, makeup artists, wedding coordinators, accompanists, florists, and videographers among our friends. We are so grateful to everyone who shared their love for us in this way.

As Jared and I look toward our life together, it is wonderful to know that our love is supported by the love of so many others.  We are so grateful, and we hope that we can bless others with the love as it has been so abundantly shared with us.

-Mrs. Celia Fuller