Sullivan & Reynolds | Family

Every so often, I get a card in the mail. It comes with stickers on the back and I recognize the handwriting immediately. The card could be for our anniversary, for St. Patrick’s Day, for my children’s birthdays, for our new house, you name it. The common denominator with them all is that they’re from Janet—maybe the most thoughtful person I’ve ever known. When we worked together over 10 years ago, her husband would make me an English muffin with Brummel and Brown strawberry spread on it and Janet would bring it to me at work almost every day. She’s always giving me little goody bags and checking in with my family. Other people are on her mind more than they aren’t and that especially includes her grandbabies. Every one of these children is a result of my precious friend and her husband (who she still adores like a teenager) and the love they have for each other and their family. I love them so and I hope these photos show that! #LookingGlassPhotography