Rachel & Jay | Wedding

I definitely don’t want to make this post about me, but I need to start by saying that I’ve never shot a wedding so sick! I was up every hour the night before (in my third trimester, a horrible mix). I say all this to say how appreciative I am to my incredible second shooter, Rachael Black, and my mama. They both helped keep things going and fill in the gaps where I simply wasn’t able to. But if I had to be sick, thank goodness it was during a wedding in which the couple had planned such a beautiful, classy, and easy going wedding. Rachel and Jay got married at the most gorgeous wedding venue in Cookeville called the Saltbox Inn. My goodness, we were impressed! The only thing that was prettier than the surroundings was the bride and groom who glowed brighter than all the glitter and sparkles surrounding them. Congratulations, Rachel and Jay, we had a GREAT time on your wedding day!