Baby Caroline | Newborn

I could go on and on about how beautiful Caroline is, how beautiful her nursery is, and how proud her big brother is, but I’d like to begin by saying how incredibly blown away at how beautiful Caroline’s mama, Holly, looked! Y’all, I’ve had a newborn. I was NOT a sight to see for a long time. I was frazzled, frayed, and had a look of deer in headlights for a long time. Holly answered the door calm, collected, and beautiful. She and her husband, Douglas, spoke gently to each other, were clearly in love with their little girl, and were great with their son. I’ve been in second baby shoots where the family is going berserk (and clearly that will be me in February), but this was just one where I left with my mouth hanging open. Douglas and Holly are doing SO great with their new family of four, and their beautiful babies are a testament to their partnership.