Kirsten & Josh | Engagement

What I am looking forward to in marriage: I am excited about little things … decorating and celebrating Christmas and other holidays in our farmhouse, cooking together, having a glass of wine (Miller lite for him) on the front porch with our fur babies, watching all our favorite sports teams. And then there are the big things—becoming a family one day, many trips to the ballpark and bball gym, seeing him grow into the cutest old man (I think he’ll just be the cutest lol), continuing to travel and experience new cultures, and grow in our relationship with God as individuals and a couple. Life with Josh is perfect for me, and I look forward to it all, the ups & the downs, because you can’t appreciate the sun without a little rain. ♥️

When I met Kirsten I knew it was something different. Within minutes I felt as if I had known her my entire life. We were immediately friends. Since then our relationship has been full of adventures, with marriage soon to be our biggest one yet. There will be many aspects of this journey, but it’s the simple things that excite me the most. I look forward to cooking dinner in our tiny farmhouse while listening to Frank Sinatra on vinyl. I can’t wait for decorations at Christmas time, cuddling with our animals, watching the Grinch- Elf- Home Alone and every other classic known to man. I am hopeful for the days at the ballpark watching our kiddos play ball. This is only a glimpse of what we will enjoy together in the years to come; and I look forward to it all, with her.