Emmy | One-Year

When I met Jason and Sarah, the first thing I noticed about them was how calm and easy they were with their little precious baby, Emmy. Getting photos taken of your little one can be stressful—the kids can be unpredictable and when you’re investing in something as precious and pictures, the pressure’s on, right? I’ve seen some couples argue, babies go berserk, and tensions run high. So when I come across a couple who takes it as it comes, the photos end up usually being better! After all, isn’t a kid going nuts what a kid really does? Photographs are simply snapshots of seasons of life and I love when people embrace that and allow their children to simply be children. Jason and Sarah are fantastic with Emmy and it was a pleasure and joy to get to see them look at their baby and admire their own teamwork in her every move. She’s an angel! Happy birthday, little lady!