Kat & Westley | Wedding

When you’ve got a bride that has hair like a Barbie goddess and a groom that was a model at one point, you’re guaranteed to get some beautiful photos at their wedding!

The day might have been grey and cloudy but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the great day we had! I had so much fun watching Westley fret because he wasn’t sure if the hair product he was using would be up to Kat’s standards. Kat looked so beautiful in her dress and I loved hearing her tell me about the details of where she got it and the story behind the necklace she wore. It was from Westley’s side of the family and speaking of Westley’s side of the family, his sister, Lyndsey, decorated the reception. To say it was a home run is such an understatement. This thing was friggin’ gorgeous!

I hope that everyone enjoys this batch of wedding teasers. I really connect with Kat and Westley and I am so looking forward to staying connected and seeing their lives bloom through marriage!