Nora 1-Year

“Mama”. The best and most exhausting title in the whole world. When I became a mom on March 31st 2017, I knew I had big shoes to fill because I was given the best. To say this year has been a journey would be a HUGE understatement. My sweet Nora was not an easy baby. We had a lot of sleepless nights and stressful days battling colic. Talk about feeling inadequate as a mother. Colic will rob you of enjoying your baby in those first few months and cause you to be more sleep deprived than you could ever imagine but guess what? WE made it!
There’s truth to the statement that the days are long but the years are short. As we close in on Nora’s first birthday, I feel such a sense of accomplishment in myself, my husband, and our daughter. We are finally settling into this season of life and it feels so good. My feelings of anxiety and doubt have melted into pride and contentment. This age is busy, messy, and fun and it’s been my most favorite so far. Watching her sweet personality bloom is good for my heart. Every day there is a new word, expression, or milestone and I’m trying hard to soak in each moment with her. My heart skips a beat every time she calls me “Mama” and as the years go by I hope I always remember that feeling.
-Claire Russell