Lyndsey & Chris | Wedding

“I’ve dreamed of this day since I was three years old (my mom has the pictures in an old photo album to prove it!). I prayed for this man for as long as I can remember, never knowing who he would be. One year ago,on November 4, 2016, God changed up our plans a bit. We had to get married a year ahead of schedule, but it allowed us the opportunity to recite our vows in our church, in front of family and close friends. A year later, November 4, 2017, we celebrated our marriage with the wedding I had always dreamed of.

The Big Day was everything I hoped for and more!

We celebrated a union of two families and two souls. The catering was amazing, the music was spectacular, and our photographer was the greatest. They say that nothing is ever perfect, and if that is true, then our wedding was as close as they come. I believe my father said it best, whispering in my ear during the father-daughter dance: “Best. Day. Ever.” My husband and I will cherish this day, and the memories it created, forever.”


“My wife couldn’t have been happier with the Big Day. And seeing her so happy, so blissful, was all I could ever ask for. In the months leading up to this momentous occasion, she stressed, worried, cried, and stressed some more. But then it came, and like a showering rain it covered her in a joy I had never seen before. We are thankful for everyone who came to share in the celebration, but there is one person in particular who needs special thanks, and that is our photographer, Jennifer. As my wife said, this day created memories for us to cherish for a lifetime, but it is in Jennifer’s photographs that these memories will live and breath for as long as the photo albums themselves last.

For our friends, family, and everyone else involved in making this day so special, I am eternally blessed.”