Greyson | 6 Months

“The news of baby number four was a very BIG surprise. We just thought we were complete with our three boys and God said, “oh no, I have one more for you.” At 35 weeks due to concerns about Greyson’s wellbeing labor, was induced. Shortly after delivery, we were hit with the news that something was wrong. Greyson and esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula. At one-day-old, he underwent his first surgery. He spent nine weeks in the NICU and has made four trips to the OR. Through all of it, he has been the most easy-going, happy baby. He was the favorite among the nurses in the NICU. At six months, he is still the happiest baby and such a blessing to our family.”

-Greyson’s mama, Rachel