Blakely & Keith | Wedding

I’ve got so much I could say about Blakely and Keith’s wedding! A bridesmaid’s mom hand made Blakely’s dress, the boys played basketball while waiting for the ceremony to start, Blakely found a tick in her bouquet while we were taking photos… it was beautiful and so memorable! While of course, the wedding ceremony is always the most important part of any wedding, y’all, I can’t gush enough over how incredible Blakely and Keith’s reception was. And it’s not because it was gorgeous and filled with more details than I could photograph, but because it was created by the couple’s love ones—not by a wedding planner or hired help, but by people who care for them the most. That’s what was so special to me! You could see how much joy and devotion was poured into every aspect of the reception. And with a village that supportive, this marriage is going to thrive! Congrats, Blakely and Keith! #LookingGlassPhotography